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Goodman B1368034S Blower Wheel Squirrel Cage 10 x 6 Amana

Find the right Goodman Blower Wheel for your gas furnace. View by part number or furnace model number. Typically, a wheel should be replaced if the fin(s) are bent badly enough to restrict proper air flow. Blower wheels are commonly known as squirrel cages.

Wheel Part # B1368034 Fits Goodman GMPN040-3, GMPN060-3, GMPN120-5

Goodman B1368034S Blower Wheel Squirrel Cage 10 x 6 Amana

For Goodman GMPN040-3, GMPN060-3 and GMPN120-5 use part number B1368034. This blower wheel measures 10 x 6. Same or similar part numbers include B1368034S.

Amazon – B1368034

Wheel Part # B1368016 Fits Goodman GMPN080-4

Goodman B1368016 Blower Wheel 10 x 8

Goodman B1368016 Blower Wheel / Squirrel Cage 10 x 8 for GMPN080-4 furnace. 1/2″ Bore

Amazon – B1368016

Wheel Part # B1368047 Fits Goodman GMPN100-4

Goodman GMPN100-4 Blower Wheel Part # B1368047

10 x 10 squirrel cage for Goodman model number GMPN100-4. Same as 0150M00035  and B1368047S.

Amazon – B1368047

How To Change Out A Squirrel Cage In a Furnace

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