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Goodman B1370820 – OEM Replacement Furnace Door Switch. For Goodman furnace models GMN120-5, GMPN040-3, GMPN060-3, GMPN080-4, GMPN100-4 and GMPN120-5.

The Goodman B1370820 safety switch ensures that the furnace will not run when the door panel is removed. Therefore, ensuring nobody gets their appendages stuck in fast moving parts. If the switch doesn’t work properly or is worn it will need to be replaced in order for the furnace to run properly. Bypassing this switch is highly unrecommended as serious injuries can and do happen.



Same As:


Fits Goodman Models:

  • GMN120-5
  • GMPN040-3
  • GMPN060-3
  • GMPN080-4
  • GMPN100-4
  • GMPN120-5

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