Goodman B1370150 Vent Air Pressure Switch -0.85

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Furnace Air Pressure Switch B1370150
Goodman B1370150 Vent Air Pressure Switch -0.85

The Goodman B1370150 will stop the furnace from operating should the vent become blocked. To check this switch, firstly, place the furnace in operation. Secondly, remove the hose from the switch. As a result, the gas burners should extinguish. If not, then more than likely the switch is bad. Replacing the hose should allow the furnace to operate normally.

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Part Same As:


ClimaTek ASX99 202

Compatible With:

Goodman Furnace Models

  • GMN120-5
  • GMPN080-4
  • GMPN100-4
  • GMPN120-5

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Great, fixed problem with my GMPN0804 not running. Got what I ordered. Thanks

Ora Via

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