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Amana Goodman B1368034S Blower Wheel a.k.a Squirrel Cage 10 x 6. Convex wheel with ½” bore and clockwise rotation.

For Amana / Goodman Furnace Models: Specifically, GMP050-3, GMP075-3, GMP050-32, GMP075-32, GDP050-3, GDP075-3, GMPN040-3, GMPN060-3, GSMS060-3, GSM060-3, GMNT040-3, GMNT060-3, GDT045-3, GMPN040-3, GMPN060-3 and GMPN120-5, GMS80403AX, GMS80603AX, GMS80403AN, GMS80603AN, GDS80403AN, GDS80603AN, GDS80403AX, GDS80603AX

Same As Part # B1368034

Introduction To Furnace Blower Wheels

Furnace blower wheels are one of the most important parts in a furnace. Also known as squirrel cages, blower wheels circulate the air inside the home. When the fins get bent or broken, consequently a new blower wheel is needed. Secondly, if the wheel doesn’t turn, it could be as a result of a failed blower motor. These wheels are sharp. For this reason, proper protection should be worn when handling them. Remove the wheel from the motor to see if it will turn without the motor. If it does, than the motor will be to blame.

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Furnace Blower Motors FAQ

How much does the Goodman B1368034S cost?

The B1368034S ranges from $35 to $60. We stay on top of the best prices for you so be sure and check our page.

What is the blower wheel’s purpose?

Furnace blower wheels circulate the air through the furnace and home. Therefore, it is a crucial piece of equipment to any furnace.

How do I know if a blower wheel is bad?

The wheel may not turn. Be sure the power is off at the breaker before reaching in or around the cage or motor. If it does not turn, the blower motor shaft may have come loose from the wheel. There is usually a set screw that holds the blower wheel to the motor shaft. Secondly, the motor itself may not be working. Removing the wheel and trying to turn it by hand, with gloves on, will determine which piece of equipment is at fault accordingly.

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