Goodman 0130M00140 Furnace Transformer 120V to 24V 40VA

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Goodman HVAC Furnace Transformer 120V to 24V 40VA 0130M00140


  • 120V to 24V
  • 40VA
  • Class 2
  • 50/60HZ



Same As:

  • Goodman 0130M00140S
  • Tyco L40-228 (L40228)
  • 4600B01E07AE79
  • Goodman B1141605

Fits Goodman Models:

  • GMPN040-3
  • GMPN060-3
  • GMPN080-4
  • GMPN100-4
  • GMPN120-5
  • GMN120-5

Other Buying Options:

eBay – 0130M00140

Testing A Transformer

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