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Find parts for Goodman gas furnaces here. In addition, view detailed parts lists, diagrams and pictures.

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Where do I find the Goodman furnace model number?

The model number will be located on the nameplate. This is just inside of the furnace. Additionally, also find the serial number there .

How long is the warranty on a Goodman furnace?

A Goodman furnace has a minimum of a 5 year warranty. However, if the furnace was registered within 60 days, you may have a longer warranty. Some parts may have longer or shorter warranties. View their site for online registration info or contact the installer.

Where are Goodman furnaces made?

In short, yes. Goodman furnaces are manufactured here in the U.S.A. Recently, Goodman built a brand new manufacturing facility in Texas.

What parts of the furnace should be checked before winter starts?

The heat exchanger, inducer motor, vent piping, fault history, and burners need to be checked by a licensed pro. Additionally, filters need to be checked and replaced, every 30 days. Obviously, the dirtier the cold air returns, the more often the filter(s) need to be changed. In addition, all gas pipe connections need to be checked with soapy water. Any bubbling will indicate a leak in the fittings. To clarify, every year a furnace requires a check up and tune up by a professional.

Goodman B1370820 – OEM Furnace Door Switch

Goodman B1370820 – OEM Replacement Furnace Door Switch. For Goodman furnace models GMPN040-3, GMPN060-3, GMPN080-4, GMPN100-4 and GMPN120-5. Buy Now $35.79 As Of 01/29/20 Resources:

Goodman 2539305 Blower Housing 10 x 6

Goodman 2539305 Blower Housing 10 x 6. Blower fan motor housing 2539305S for GMPN040-3 and GMPN060-3. The housing holds the blower fan motor and helps

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